4 Common Types Of Sprinkler Systems

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4 Common Types Of Sprinkler Systems

Your yard's sprinkler system is a central part of your landscaping design: sprinkler installations are what will keep the grass and plants in your yard lush and green throughout the hot summer months, preserving the work of your landscapers. However, while all types of sprinkler systems seek to accomplish the same goal, different models will operate in distinct manners to do so. Understanding the differences between the available types of sprinkler systems can help you choose the one that best fits your landscape's watering needs.

Stationary Sprinklers

Stationary sprinklers work by spraying water around the sprinkler head in a variety of different patterns (which will differ depending on the type of sprinkler head that you have installed). They are ideal for use in smaller areas and in flowerbeds, as they provide a significant amount of water within a short period of time. However, since stationary sprinklers only spread water around a small area, they are not ideal for larger lawns and areas.

Travelling Sprinklers

Travelling sprinklers, like their name would suggest, work by moving along a predetermined track through water pressure. This means that travelling sprinklers can cover a much larger area than other types of sprinklers, making them ideal for large, open expanses of grass. However, travelling sprinklers need solid, flat ground in order to work, and require a stable and constant amount of water pressure to ensure an equal distribution of water, which your home's plumbing system may not be able to provide.

Oscillating Sprinklers

Oscillating sprinklers, also called fan or wave sprinklers, shoot water several feet, and will swing back and forth to cover a medium sized area of your yard and garden. They provide an even supply of water over a larger area than stationary sprinklers do, but will need to be moved manually to change the area of your yard that they are watering.

Impact Sprinklers

Impact sprinklers are what most homeowners think of when they think of sprinklers: a rotating sprinkler head will shoot water out of the sprinkler head at high pressure, allowing the water to cover an extremely large area. The head can be adjusted to cover a larger or smaller area, which makes impact sprinklers a great choice for larger, open yards, or for gardens that are edged with trees (since impact sprinklers will be able to spray the leaves as well). Keep in mind that the high water pressure of impact sprinklers means that they are not a great choice for watering more delicate plants and flowers, as their jets of water can damage the leaves and roots.

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