4 Signs You Need To Remove Your Trees

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4 Signs You Need To Remove Your Trees

The trees in your yard can be a huge part of your landscape aesthetic, but due to the sheer size of their branches and roots, they can pose a number of problems to your yard and house. Understanding the warning signs associated with a tree that has gotten too large can help you determine when you should contact a tree removal professional before the tree in question has the chance to cause any damage to your home.

Clogged Gutters

One of the earliest warning signs associated with a tree that has gotten too big for your yard is if you find that your gutters are constantly clogged with organic debris. This is because the branches of larger trees are overhanging your roof, causing needles, leaves and branches to fall onto your roof and eventually get swept into your gutters. This is more than a concern over doing more maintenance: clogged gutters can increase the risk of leaks developing in your roof, and can cause water to overflow too close to the sides of your home, where it can then cause basement flooding.

Roof Overhang

Beyond clogging your gutters, the fact that large branches and tree limbs are overhanging your roof can also pose a serious safety hazard. In the event of a major storm, these limbs can break off and cause structural damage to your home, which can be expensive to fix and can harm you and your family. While trimming back branches can help prevent this from happening, the best solution is to remove the tree entirely.

Close to Power Lines

Beyond sitting close to your home or your roof, if a tree in your yard has grown within a few feet of your power lines, you may want to consider having it removed. This is for two reasons: first, if a storm knocks the tree over, there is a strong possibility that it will take the power lines with it, leaving you without power and with live wires potentially in the middle of your yard. Secondly, this also increases the risk of a fire occurring, especially in the dry season, if your power lines start sparking for any reason.

Sewer Drain Clogs

Another potential reason to consider removing the trees in your yard is if you experience chronic clogs in your sewer drain. This is caused by roots breaking their way into the pipe, which can then stop sewage from properly draining and can even cause it to back up into your home. One clog, and the expensive repair associated with it, should be enough to convince you that tree removal is the right choice.

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