Spruce Up Your Landscape With a Few Low-Maintenance Additions

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Spruce Up Your Landscape With a Few Low-Maintenance Additions

When you take a drive around several neighborhoods in a town or city, you will notice some homes with incredible landscaping. The yard may have several layers of plants starting with grass and extending to trees that look beautiful and healthy in the background, but many of these landscapes require a considerable amount of upkeep to make sure they look impressive.

If you want to have an attractive and interesting landscape but without the demanding upkeep, you should consider working with landscapers on a few low-maintenance additions.

Native Plants

One of the easiest ways to make your landscape look great while being easy to care for is by picking native plants. While you may notice the same types of flowers, bushes, and trees in public spaces, you may not know which of these plants are considered native to the area. A landscaper can provide you with this information to help you determine the plants to put in your yard.

For instance, you may want to have certain colors in the yard.  You can tell the landscapers which colors you want, and they can look through the list of native plants to pick ones that match.

Rock Garden

An excellent way to fill in some of your backyard with low-maintenance additions while removing the things that are hard to maintain is by adding a rock garden. You can get creative by picking from all sorts of rocks based on size, color, shape, and type. These rocks make the perfect home for growing native plants because the rocks will minimize the chance of weed growth.

You will want to get help from a landscaping maintenance company to make sure that you provide enough space for the plants that you grow so that they can stay healthy and reach maturity.

Ground Cover

Maintaining a grass lawn requires a lot of upkeep because you need to mow it regularly. Also, weeds are likely to grow throughout the yard so you will need to remove them often. A great idea is to switch to a ground cover plant such as clover that requires less maintenance. The only thing that you will want to do for upkeep is to give the clover a mowing every once in a while.

Whether you decide to add one or two of these features to your landscape, getting professional help will guarantee that your yard looks great and takes less work to maintain.

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