3 Things To Add For A More Attractive Garden

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3 Things To Add For A More Attractive Garden

Are you a homeowner who's dissatisfied with how your yard looks? Have you tried putting in many different types of plants and found that your yard still only looks average, at best, and not as spectacular as you had hoped? When looking at gardening magazines, it's easy to get the impression that having a beautiful yard is a simple matter of swapping one plant for another. But there is so much more to an attractive yard than just that. One of the most important things to consider is your property's hardscaping. This means the non-plant decorative items that are part of your garden and the surrounding area. Some good examples include:

Trellis arch: A trellis arch is one of the most recognizable aspects of hardscaping. There are many different types of arches, to suit a wide variety of homes and gardens. While climbing roses may be one of the more popular plants for training up a trellis arch, any plant that climbs will work as part of the trellis. If desired, this could even include various vegetables. Imagine an arch where you have trained tomato plants to grow up the sides, allowing attractive bright red tomatoes to dangle in mid-air.

Paths and walkways: Paths and walkways are often one of the last things that people think about when deciding what needs to be planted and where each thing should go. However, this is an extremely important part of hardscaping. Without built-in paths to lead to important areas so that you can weed or water them, you'll start to wear unattractive lines into the surrounding grass. In addition to this, paths can be attractive aspects of your property in their own right. Depending on the type of house you have, you might choose a path made of brick, of stone, or of something else entirely.

Walls: Although the fence or wall that surrounds your property is extremely important, it isn't the only wall that you should be considering. A short wall that is just a few feet in height can help to visually separate slightly different areas of your garden, helping to make the whole things more visually appealing. Another thing that you may want to consider is having a terraced planter installed. A terraced planter can be a great hardscaping element. If used properly, a terraced planter can be used to conceal less attractive elements, such as a ground air conditioning unit, or it may simply be used to raise short but beautiful flowers closer to eye level. 

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