Tree Stump Removal Methods

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Tree Stump Removal Methods

After a tree falls, it still leaves a stump behind. This stump can be unsightly, dangerous, and it can get in the way of everyday landscaping chores such as mowing the lawn. There are several ways to get rid of those pesky stumps, though! 

Tree removal Methods

There are numerous methods for removing your tree stump: chemical stump removal, fire, manual removal (or "grubbing"), stump grinders, and time. 

  • Chemical Stump Removal

Several products on the market offer chemicals to help you get rid of your stump. These chemicals are more of an aid than anything else. They can help accelerate the decomposition process to a certain degree, but you will still need to combine this method with another method if you want the stump removed in the near future. 

  • Fire

Some people decide to remove an unwanted stump with fire. After drilling some holes into the stump, saturate the stump with oil or kerosene. After some time for the stump to absorb the flammable material (about two weeks), light the stump and let it burn until all that remains is a pile of ash. It's important to note that gasoline should never be used to burn a stump. Also, fire can be very dangerous, and you should hire professionals if you are unsure of how to preform the job safely. 

  • Grubbing

Some tree stumps can be removed with a shovel, an ax or saw, and some hard work. Dig around the stump with the intention of gaining access to the roots. You will then attempt to cut the roots until the stump is loose enough to move. This works best with small tree stumps and trees with root systems near the top of the soil. 

  • Stump grinders

Stump grinders are the quickest way to remove a tree stump. A stump grinder is a machine that, as the name suggests, grinds down the stump until no more of the stump is showing. The grinder uses a circular blade and removes three inch sections at a time. This machine is very dangerous and should only be operated by trained professionals, so call your local landscape services  to ask about stump grinders today! 

  • Time

Your final option is to let the stump dissolve naturally. This will take years, but there are ways to help the process along. You can use chemicals, or you can fill the stump with a nitrogen-based fertilizer for the first year then move to a carbon-based material the second year. . 

Contact a service, like Wilson Garden Center & Landscaping, for more help.

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