The Three States Of Organic Fertilizers

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The Three States Of Organic Fertilizers

Organic fertilizer are quickly up-in-coming in the world of landscaping because of their ability to provide natural lawn care that doesn't ruin any area of it. On top of this, it's safer, which is important if you have pets or children. Here are the three states in how organic fertilizers are going to work for your landscaping:

  1. Build Healthy Soil: The health of each blade of grass, the trees, and all other plants that make up your landscaping starts with the soil itself. If the soil isn't healthy, it's not likely to provide the healthy stability that your plants need. Organic fertilizers, for this reason, are created to build healthy soil that can feed the lawn. Due to lack of chemicals in organic fertilizer, you can expect the regular biological activity that normally takes place in plant life to be sustained rather than depleted or dependent on chemicals. 
  2. Build Deep Roots: The deeper the roots, the better because your plants are less likely to be uprooted by pests or extreme weather conditions, such as heavy winds. The deep roots will also be able to prevent weeds from taking over the plants and killing them. Deep roots are also able to hold more water, which means less watering, which is especially helpful if you live in an area that is affected by droughts. 
  3. Build Weed Control: One of the reasons people are so reliant on using chemicals in their landscaping is because they want to kill weeds. However, this definitely is not needed with organic fertilizers that help build natural weed control. Rather than killing the weeds right away, the fertilizer manipulates the soil in an organic way that prevents weed growth from occurring at all. Keep in mind that weeds usually develop due to lack of natural nutrients in the soil that allow the weeds to make their way into the soil. The reason there is a lack is because while chemically-based fertilizers do kill weeds, they also kill necessary nutrients in the soil in the process. 

These three stages of organic fertilizers that take place are the main reasons why organic fertilizers are worth investing in. While there's a fear that these fertilizers are expensive, it's actually not much more and will cost you less in lawn maintenance over time, so it's definitely worth the investments. Not to mention the fact that it protects your children and pets in the process, which is the ultimate factor in making it well worth it. For more information, contact companies like Bishop Horticulture.

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