4 Steps to Getting Your Yard Ready for Summer This Spring

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4 Steps to Getting Your Yard Ready for Summer This Spring

If you want your yard to look great this summer, you need to take good care of your yard during the early spring. In the spring, you need to rake your lawn, aerate your lawn, and apply grass seed and fertilizer.

Rake Your Lawn

You need to start your lawn care by raking your lawn. Even if you got rid of a lot of the leaves in the fall, you still need to rake your lawn. This is the best way to get rid of any leaves that fell during the winter on your lawn.

Raking your lawn deeply will also help remove the thatching from your yard. Thatch can build up over time, and make it hard for water to get to your grass and for your grass to grow properly.

Aerate Your Lawn

Next, you need to aerate any area of your lawn where the soil is compacted. When the soil is too compacted, grass will not be able to grow properly. You can rent an aerator from a garden rental center. This is a great way to loosen up your soil and allow water to reach the roots of your grass.

Apply Grass Seed

Spring is the best time to apply grass seed to your lawn. Applying grass seed will help you cover up bald spots in your lawn. Even if you don't have bald spots in your yard, you should apply grass seed. Applying grass seed will help the grass in your yard grow in nice and thick this spring. If you really want a green lawn, put down some new seeds this spring and give them time to take root.

Fertilize Your Lawn

Finally, you need to fertilize your lawn. Fertilizing your yard will allow your yard to really grow and thrive this spring. This is also a great time to also put down some weed care in your lawn. If you don't want to fight weeds all summer long, kill weeds before they start to take over your lawn. Putting down weed prevention fertilizer will allow the grass in your yard to grow and thrive without having to compete against weeds for water and nutrients.

If you want your yard to look great this summer, start be deeply raking your yard to get rid of thatching. Then aerate your yard to allow water and nutrients to get down to the root of your grass. Finally, put down some grass seed and fertilizer so that your yard has the tools and the nutrients to grow and thrive this spring and summer. 

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