Landscaping Your Yard After Adopting A Puppy? 4 Features To Make Sure Are Included

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Landscaping Your Yard After Adopting A Puppy? 4 Features To Make Sure Are Included

Making improvements to your yard should be one of the first things that you do after adopting a puppy. While you may be comfortable taking your new puppy outside on a leash to relieve themselves, it's a good idea to fix up the backyard so that it's a great place to let your puppy run a little more freely.

If you're unsure about what to focus on when landscaping the yard, consider the following features and the impact that they can make.

Opt for Hardscaping to Prevent a Discolored Lawn

When your puppy goes to the bathroom on the grass every day, it will eventually lead to the grass dying and becoming discolored. This can be upsetting since you likely want a lush, green lawn. Instead of having mainly grass in your backyard, consider adding hardscaping as well.

Letting your dog relieve themselves on the hardscaping can protect the grass and can be easy to clean off later with a hose.

Make Sure Fencing is Included in the Yard

Letting your dog loose in the yard won't be a possibility unless you have fencing installed. If your yard currently doesn't have any fencing, it's a good idea to have some installed that will create a safe area for your dog to play in.

Keep Landscaping Away from the Fence Line

As your puppy grows up, they will likely enjoy walking the perimeter of the yard and stay close to the fence as a way to check out what's going on outside. With this in mind, it's best to keep any landscaping away from the fencing so that your dog doesn't damage it by accident. Keeping paving along the fence line can also be a nice idea since it will create a path that your dog can't damage.

Choose Dog-Friendly Plants to Avoid Problems

When checking out different kind of landscaping to incorporate into your yard, it becomes important to choose plants that will be safe for your dog. Because some spiky bushes could hurt them and some plants can cause an upset stomach if eaten, you should choose dog-safe plants that still look great.

As you prepare for landscaping your yard, you'll begin to see that there are different features that can make a positive difference in a yard for a dog. Hiring a professional and considering the above features can help you design the perfect yard that both you and your new puppy will love. Companies like Land Craft can help you create what you want.

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