Landscaping Tips To Keep A Well-Maintained And Healthy Looking Yard

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Landscaping Tips To Keep A Well-Maintained And Healthy Looking Yard

The appearance of your front yard can communicate a message to all those who view your home and yard, either for good or bad. An unkempt lawn and vegetation with cracks forming on pavement and weed growth between paving areas can look unattractive and make your yard and home look poor in quality. And this can have a big impact on your home's value. Here are some landscaping tips to keep your yard kept well maintained, healthy, and attractive.

Maintain Your Pavement

The pavement in your front yard provides support for your vehicles, your family, and visitors from the dirt and mud and gives your home's exterior a clean look. Whether you have concrete or asphalt installed in your yard, it is important to keep it maintained to keep it looking nice as well as protect its quality and allow it to last many years.

Asphalt can crack and dry out in the sun and weather and needs to be cleared of any vegetation growth within its cracks, as this can exacerbate their condition. Remove dirt and debris from the cracks so you can fill them with an appropriate asphalt filler. Then, make sure you apply a sealcoating to the surface of your asphalt every few years as it ages, which will restore its flexibility, moisture, and dark color to improve its condition and appearance. A professional asphalt company can expertly apply sealcoating to all surfaces of your asphalt pavement.

Concrete should be similarly maintained by removing vegetation from cracks, cleaning its surface of any vehicle fluids, and patching properly cleaned cracks with a concrete patch compound. You can also have your concrete surfaces stained and sealed to improve and protect their surface appearance.

Trim and Fertilize Your Vegetation

Once you have the pavement maintained, you also need to keep your lawn healthy with regular watering and fertilizer, when necessary, to keep up its appearance. Water your lawn early in the morning a couple times each week, making sure you water for longer sessions to promote healthier root growth and drought resistance. You can also apply an herbicide to eliminate weeds within your lawn, which can fight for nutrients and water, starving your lawn of its essential requirements.

Then, be sure you mow your lawn each week to keep its length a medium-height, and use an edger to trim the edges and corners of your lawn. Lawn can begin to grow up and over your paved areas, making the edges of your landscaping look uneven and messy. Using a lawn edger can easily remove this excess and put your lawn's edges to right in appearance.

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