What Can Mulch Do For Your Landscape?

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What Can Mulch Do For Your Landscape?

Does your landscape need a little work to get the look that you want? One way you might be able to change things up is by adding mulch to your yard or garden. A residential mulch services company can provide everything you need to transform your property. Here are just some of the things that mulch can do for you.

Cover Up a Bad Patch

Mulch is typically used as a covering that goes right on top of the soil. Do you have an area on your lawn that doesn't look too hot? If you have dead grass, weeds or other issues, mulch can serve as a quick fix if you just want things to look good without having to put in a ton of back breaking work.

Add Color or a Unique Design

Of course, there doesn't have to be anything wrong with your yard for you to take advantage of mulch. Plenty of homeowners place it down on top of perfectly good soil because they are looking to add some interesting color or an intricate design that will really make their landscape stand out. Mulch can come in just about any color you can think of. You could use colored mulch to map out a design in your favorite team or college's colors. If you really want to get crazy, use mulch to spell the family name or another message right on your lawn.

Mulch Can Eliminate Your Weeds Problem

Whether you currently have weeds somewhere in your yard or there is one problem area that continuously gets weeds year after year, mulch can nip that problem right in the bud. That's because when mulch covers up soil, it blocks out the sun as well as the air supply that weeds need to grow. You can place mulch down on top of a weed patch, wait a couple of weeks and the weeds will likely be dead and ready to be pulled up at the root. Put the mulch back in place to safeguard against a return.

More and more homeowners are turning to mulch when they want to change things up in their landscape design or simply cover up a sore spot. A residential mulch services company will be able to deliver mulch right to your door and some may even help spread it out exactly where you need it. Contact a mulch expert today for more information.

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