3 Signs Your Business Landscape Irrigation System Needs To Be Replaced

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3 Signs Your Business Landscape Irrigation System Needs To Be Replaced

If you want a business landscape that is pristine, green, and healthy, having an irrigation system installed is one of the best investments you can make in the cosmetic appearance of your business. Many people assume that irrigation systems can pretty much last indefinitely, and there are some modern systems that do have those capabilities. However, if you have a system that has been in use for quite a few years, it may be time to make an upgrade. Here is a closer look at some of the signs that your water irrigation system could be ready for a replacement. 

Your water usage levels are totally unreliable. 

When you have an irrigation system installed on your business property, you should be able to estimate every month about how much water the system will use. Even though the water usage levels will fluctuate slightly depending on the season or current climate, you really shouldn't see any drastic variances in usage levels. If the amount of water your system uses is constantly changing and unreliable, it can mean there are issues with the water lines and other components that are affecting how much water you use. 

The sprinkler system needs attention a lot. 

You have called on an irrigation system professional several times within the last few months, and it always seems like there are parts and components of the system that are having problems. If you are running into issues quite often, it is usually a sign that you are dealing with an outdated setup that will benefit you more if it is completely upgraded. While most parts of an irrigation system can be replaced as needed, the consistent failure of components will just continually cost you the money you could designate to a new system. 

You have irrigation needs the current system is not meeting. 

Maybe you have a diverse landscape and want an irrigation system that can deliver variant amounts of water depending on the plants. Perhaps you need a system that can be set to coincide with water usage restrictions in your area and give you exact readings on how much water is being used. Modern irrigation systems are far more advanced and far more capable of doing things old setups simply cannot. For example, you can get a complex system that will only water your plants when dry areas are detected by incorporated moisture sensors under the ground. 

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