Five Reasons Your Sprinklers Won't Pop Up

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Five Reasons Your Sprinklers Won't Pop Up

Pop-up sprinkler heads are the industry standard in residential yards because they sink below the ground when not in use so they don't impede outdoor activities or lawn maintenance. Although disappearing sprinklers are handy, they can also cause frustration if they fail to pop up and water as they should.

1. Debris Blockage

Turf can grow over the top of your sprinkler head, and even the high pressure that activates the head may not be able to dislodge it. Debris blockage is especially common in spring when you first turn on the system after winter. You will need to locate each sprinkler head and dig or cut out the turf that has grown over it. Once this is done, the emitter head should pop up properly.

2. Malfunctioning Emitter

A broken emitter can also prevent the sprinkler from popping up properly. If the water is leaking from around the emitter head, for example, the sprinkler well may fill with water, but the emitter may never pop up. First, try to clean out the emitter holes to see if this allows water to flow through so the emitter can pop up. Otherwise, you may need to replace the emitter. Fortunately, emitters are low-cost and easy to replace. Switching out the emitter will usually fix the problem.

3. Flow Control Valve Issues

Most sprinkler systems are equipped with flow control valves. The valve is typically located somewhere on the emitter body or the sprinkler shaft that the emitter is seated into. If the valve is closed, even partially, it can reduce water flow enough so that the emitter won't pop up. Check that the valve is fully open, then run the sprinklers to see if this has fixed the problem.

4. Low Water Pressure

A loss of water pressure means there is not enough water force coming into the emitter to make it pop up. Begin by checking the main valve box to make sure the supply taps are fully open. If they are and water pressure is fine in the home (thus indicating it is not an issue with the municipal water supply), you will need to have the pressure regulators on the sprinkler system inspected and replaced if broken.

5. Line Leaks

Leaks in your sprinkler water lines can also cause a failed popup. Generally, the leaking lines can generally be deduced by checking which emitters aren't popping up or are spraying weakly. Repair the lines, and the system should work properly again.

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