Drainage Options For Concrete Drives And Patios

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Drainage Options For Concrete Drives And Patios

Standing water on top of a concrete driveway or patio is more than annoying—the water puddling can actually cause the concrete to age and break down more quickly. This increases the chances for problems like cracks and potholes. Fortunately, there are several drainage options that can solve the problem.

1. Permeable Concrete

Permeable concrete, sometimes called pervious concrete, mixes a stone aggregate into the concrete mixture. These larger stones leave more pore spaces in the concrete, which allows moisture to percolate through it as opposed to just sitting on top of the paving. When combined with a base material constructed to allow water passage, your driveway will actually drain through its own surface without the need for additional drainage. Permeable concrete is a good option at the time of driveway construction.

2. Integrated Drains

Integrated drains can be installed at any time, so they work well for both new and existing driveways. Drain location and type depends on how water is pooling. If most of the water collects at the base of the drive where it levels out to meet the street, for example, a trough may be cut from edge to edge of the driveway and a grate will be installed over the top for water to flow into. The water will empty out into the yard on either end of the trough. For puddles that form in a low point mid-driveway, a single drain may be installed that feeds into a pipe that travels underground to an outlet near a storm drain.

3. Border Troughs

Some driveways are designed so that the middle is higher than the edges so the driveway slopes to the edge. The idea is water won't sit on the drive, but sometimes it will pool right along the edge. Border troughs can be installed to route the water toward the street and the gutter. These typically shallow concrete troughs run the length of the driveway and they aren't usually covered by a grate.

4. French Drains

A French drain is similar to a trough in that it runs along the edge of the paved area. It consists of a perforated drain pipe that is buried a few inches below the ground. It is covered with permeable gravel so that it looks like part of the landscaping. Water drains off the paving, percolates through the gravel, and enters the pipe to be drained away. These drains work well around patios as well as driveways.

Contact a concrete driveway service if you have standing water on your driveway or paved areas.

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