Yard Landscaping Recommendations To Get Your Property Looking Great

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Yard Landscaping Recommendations To Get Your Property Looking Great

Your yard may not be in the best condition, or you may not have the time to make its condition more improved. But with some basic recommendations, your yard and lawn landscaping will provide your home with the boost in color and orderly vegetation to look its best. Here are some recommendations to help you keep your yard's landscaping trimmed and healthy all year.

Maintain Your Lawn

The condition of your lawn really depends on the condition of the soil and how you provide water on a regular basis. Your lawn is mostly made up of water, so when you go to mow it, allow the clippings to fall back onto your lawn. Here the lawn clippings will put moisture back into the soil and back to your lawn plants in addition to putting essential nutrients back into the soil where your lawn plants can benefit from them. This will also reduce the amount of fertilizer you will need to apply onto your lawn, as it will prevent accidental runoff and pollute waterways with excess fertilizers.

Mowing your lawn on a regular basis is important to the health of your lawn because you don't want to cut off too much lawn length and put your lawn into a stressful state. Watch the length of your lawn, and only trim off less than one-third of its length. However, you can keep your lawn at a longer height because it will put more shade around the lawn plants and reduce how much water they need, especially during heat and drought.

After you mow, trim the edges of your lawn with an edger or a weed eater held at an angle. This also prevents your lawn from growing up and over your sidewalk and driveway, which can make your yard look unkempt. Follow up with aeration in the spring or fall and remove thicker thatch in the spring after the soil dries out.

Arrange For Professional Care

Sometimes your lawn and yard may be in a sad state that pulls the entire appearance of your property down. But where do you start to improve its condition and how do you find the time? Talk to a professional landscape team about making the changes that you need to improve your yard. They can treat weeds, update bedding areas with vegetation and weed removal, followed by a new layer of mulch. Then, they can trim up your shrubbery and trees. 

Once that is completed, maintaining your yard is a routine task that you can complete each weekend or with small tasks throughout the week. However, if you want to hire a landscaper, your new landscape team can arrange for regular upkeep and yard care along with annual tasks, such as aeration and fertilization.

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