Landscaping Strategies For Those With Little Time And Motivation

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Landscaping Strategies For Those With Little Time And Motivation

If you battled to control weeds and maintain a healthy lawn last spring and summer, you could already be resigning yourself to the possibility of not achieving a well-landscaped yard for the second year in a row. If time constraints and little motivation are contributors to your landscaping failures, use some different strategies this year that will require very little prep work and maintenance.

Hardscaping And Ground Covers

Acquiring a beautiful lawn that contains blades that are a consistent thickness and color requires consistency and suitable growing conditions. If you are new to a region or if you aren't confident about performing herbicide treatments on a routine basis, opting for less grass should be considered. A small section of grass that is bordered by hardscaping materials and ground covers will add dimension to your property and can even help you define distinct areas where various activities will take place.

Consider the most important part of the yard where you would like grass to grow. This may be the front section that is adjacent to a roadway or an area that your back porch or deck overlooks. Next, choose some native ground cover species and natural or synthetic hardscaping materials that you prefer.

Ground covers include leafy plants and flowering vines that will grow densely and rapidly. Many ground cover varieties are hardy and will require little effort to prompt their growth. Hardscaping materials include pavers that can be used to create a patio or walkway and gravel that can be used to create borders. Plant grass seed first. Plant ground covers and add hardscaping materials afterward.

Automatic Watering And Year-Round Color

Exchange your manual watering sessions for automatic ones. A pre-programmed irrigation system will allow you to control the amount of water output and the times of the day or evening that the unit will turn on and off. Some irrigation systems are designed to be clipped to border fencing or installed underground.

If pruning and the removal of dead blooms and leaves are tasks that you consider time-consuming, you may want to replace annuals with some perennials that will provide year-round color. Evergreen varieties include tall and short trees and a wide range of bushes and plants. Evergreens will maintain their lush green color throughout the year. Many varieties that do not produce blooms will require very little upkeep on your part. Use evergreens to create a uniform border in front of your yard or to accent the sides of your home. 

For more landscaping ideas, call a landscaping service in your area.   

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