Concrete Landcape Edging Ideas for Residential Plots

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Concrete Landcape Edging Ideas for Residential Plots

A faux-stone or scalloped border that is constructed of concrete is a useful landscaping feature that can add a symmetrical or asymmetrical design element to your property. The addition of concrete landscaping will involve choosing a design, texture, and color scheme for the new edging pieces. Use the characteristics of the concrete edging pieces to improve any part of your property. 

Faux Stone Borders and Rounded Borders

Faux-stone concrete pieces are lighter in weight than natural stone materials. Concrete border pieces that have been formed inside of a mold may resemble a series of stones that are aligned next to one another. Having access to single slabs that provide the illusion of several stones being set up side-to-side will reduce the amount of time that it takes to install a stone-like border.

Instead of needing to wedge single, heavy stones into the ground, you will be able to lay out a set number of faux-stone pieces and use anchoring pieces or compression tools to secure the border into the ground.

Scalloped edging tends to be rounded on the top and flat on the bottom. A scalloped border can be used to complement flowering blooms, a series of bushes, or other colorful landscaping details. Concrete border pieces may consist of short sections that can be lined up side-by-side or longer sections that can each be used as the entire side of a border that will outline a small plot on your property.

Textured Pieces and Colorful Borders

Adding texture and color to your property does not require a lot of planting and maintenance procedures. Instead of disrupting the land or investing a lot of money in new organic materials, select some textured or colored concrete pieces that can be used to create an alluring border. Edging pieces that contain deep grooves or a grainy surface will complement smooth surfaces that the border surrounds.

Concrete edging that is textured can be used to line your driveway or to accent the corners of your property. If your residential land contains a lot of green foliage, you may want to address the monochromatic design element. Purchase some concrete landscape edging pieces that have been dyed.

The dye that is added to concrete is typically sprayed or brushed onto the surface of the concrete. Edging pieces may contain a bold color on each side of an edging piece. Use a color chart to help you determine what type of colored concrete landscape edging will look best on your property.

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