5 Common Lawn Care Elements That Can Harm Trees

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5 Common Lawn Care Elements That Can Harm Trees

A lush, green lawn goes perfectly with beautiful, healthy trees. But when the tree and the lawn coexist in the same spot, you must take care to protect them both during regular care. In fact, you may not even know that some common elements of lawn care can be damaging to trees. What are these? And how can you prevent tree damage while caring for your lawn? Here are five key things to know.

1. Mowers May Affect Roots.

Care is important even when doing the routine work of mowing. If the mower gets too close to the tree's base, it could hit the roots spreading out from the trunk. Unlike many landscape care issues, this problem is more likely to occur as the tree matures because roots get larger and more exposed over time.

2. Weed Killers Can Harm Trees.

What weed control measures do you use on the lawn? Many homeowners use broad-spectrum weed killers which are designed not to harm other plants, but this doesn't always mean they're good around trees. Why? The category of broadleaf plants may include your trees. So ensure you use the right chemicals in the right places. 

3. Watering Needs are Different.

A good irrigation plan is vital to keep every part of the yard happy. However, lawn watering needs and tree watering needs may be on opposite ends of the spectrum. While many lawns need frequent, short sessions of irrigation, the trees around them may need fewer, deeper ones. Tailor your plans with different methods, such as sprinklers and drip irrigation.

4. Weed Eaters Are Hazardous.

Edging and cutting down taller plants makes the lawn look neat and trim, but be careful around trees. Unfortunately, the string trimmer that cuts down that brush can cut into delicate tree trunks. Take particular care with young trees, either adding a protective barrier around them or placing some corrugated pipe around the base of the tree until its tougher bark develops. 

5. Fertilizer May Be Too Much.

Planning to fertilize the lawn? Most lawns need some additional nutrients once or twice a year, but the trees probably don't. Fertilize your trees separately, according to recommendations by a tree service professional. And ensure that lawn fertilizer stays away from the tree's base. 

Want to know more about helping your lawn and your trees live in harmony together? Start by meeting with a qualified landscape and lawn care service in your area today. 

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