A Look At The Pond Installation Process When You're Having A Pond Added To Your Backyard

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A Look At The Pond Installation Process When You're Having A Pond Added To Your Backyard

If you find looking at water relaxing, but you don't live on the water or have a pool, consider having a pond installed. You could have a small pond the size of a swimming pool installed in your backyard. You can fill it with plants or fish and include a waterfall so the pond is attractive and relaxing to view. Here's a quick look at the pond installation process. 

Choose The Location For Your Pond

A pond can be made in any shape so you can fit it where you want it to go. However, you'll probably want the pond close to your house so you can see it through your windows and when you relax on your patio.

It's also good if the pond gets plenty of sunlight during the day, and if it's in a location where water doesn't drain under the pond liner. A pond installation professional can help you select the right spot for your new pond if you're having difficulty figuring out where to put it.

Decide On The Shape

You can buy rigid pond liners that look like swimming pool shells that are made of fiberglass or plastic. These may be rectangular or round. If you want a free-form shape, you may want to use a rubber pool liner instead. A rubber liner can fit in any shape you like so the pond can be just the right size, depth, and shape that fits your yard and that looks the best.

Excavate The Hole

Talk to the pond installer about the right depth for your pond. If you'll grow plants in the water or have fish, you'll need the pond to be deep enough that living things will survive freezing temperatures. The installer can then dig the hole to the depth and size you want so the hole can be covered with the liner.

If water drains in the hole, the installer may put in drain tiles. They may also add sand and underlayment before putting down the rubber liner or formed shell.

Place Rocks Along The Border

You may not want rocks in the pond since that makes it hard to keep the pond clean and sanitary. However, you'll want rocks along the sides of the pond to create an attractive border. Your pond installation contractor may recommend natural rocks rather than a concrete border since concrete may affect the water quality.

Add Water Features

You can have underground pipes installed for filling the pond or you can fill the pond using a waterfall that can also filter the water. Besides installing the plumbing system for the pond, you may want features such as a fountain in the center, water jets, or a waterfall installed to make the pond even more attractive.

Add The Plants And Fish

Plants make the water more attractive and give fish and wildlife a place to hide. You can have steps built into the side of your pond if you want a lot of water plants, so the planters can be placed on the steps to make it easy to arrange them. You might use rocks instead of steps and place the water plants between rocks rather than in pots.

Your pond doesn't need fish if you don't want to care for them, but koi are fun for kids to watch. If you plan to get fish for your pond, wait a few days or weeks to allow the water temperature to stabilize before adding them.

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