3 Ways To Make Your Landscape Safer To Use

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3 Ways To Make Your Landscape Safer To Use

As a homeowner, you may prioritize safety for your family and all guests. While you might feel that your home's interior has ample safety measures, you may deem the exterior lacking. This fact can discourage you from spending much time outside with your family and guests.

Investing in landscape improvements can make a huge difference in safety. Hire a residential landscaping company to work on a few key projects to enjoy immediate change.

Grassy Area

When you look in the backyard, you may notice that there is nowhere for your children or pets to run around and play safely. A lack of a large, unobstructed grassy area might require your family to play in tight corners or around potentially harmful plants and features. An ideal solution is to create a large grassy section in your backyard that you can dedicate to playtime.

While making plans, you can prioritize soft and durable grass that will cushion falls and thrive despite heavy foot traffic. A landscaping company can go through a long list of grass options that work for your climate, and you can make a final decision that meets your exact needs.

Another important part of planning is to make sure rocks, shallow tree roots, and thorny plants are not around the perimeter because their presence is an injury risk.


Making it safe for your family and guests to get around the entire landscape will encourage more use. For instance, you can add paved pathways throughout the front yard and backyard that lead your family to all the important features your family may want to enjoy. A smart plan is to prioritize smooth paving that allows people to use a walker, wheelchair, or crutches safely.

The smooth path will minimize the chance of tripping over a slightly elevated portion that you might find with more natural pathways such as gravel, flagstone, or stone paths.


Another way to increase safety is by adding more light throughout the landscape. One solution is to install several lamp posts throughout the landscape along the pathways. These lights will ensure that all your pathways are illuminated well in the evening to provide safe passage.

Some other options include adding lights into the ground and installing them along fence posts to distribute lighting everywhere.

When you want to make your landscape safer for your family to use, you can hire landscapers to take on these projects to enjoy fantastic success. Reach out to a service such as Carpenter Costin Tree and Landscape to learn more.

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