Installing New Landscape Lighting? Include Accent Lighting

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Installing New Landscape Lighting? Include Accent Lighting

Installing landscape lighting can light up landscaping so you and other people can enjoy it at night. Once you decide on the lighting, you want to also consider using accent lighting. Accent lighting can be used in small, darker areas of your yard so that everything is lit up. Keep reading to learn where you should consider placing accent lighting outside.

Under Porch Railing

If you have a large porch, consider installing accent lighting under the porch railing. This will not only light up the porch but keep the dark area under the porch lit up. You could use string lights to do this, also known as rope lighting. These are easy to install, and you may be able to do this yourself. Simply wrap the string lights around the railing and connect the lights every few inches. If you purchase these lights, they should come with everything you need. 

You could also install post lights on the ground under the porch to add even more light. These lights are also easy to install since they stick in the ground. If you do not want to use electricity with this, there are solar post lights that you can purchase. 

Lighting up your porch area not only makes it look nice but can also add more security to your home. For example, an intruder could hide under the porch if they want to break into your home. An animal may try to make their home under your porch, which can be dangerous.

Light-Up Flower Garden

If you want to highlight a certain area of your flower garden, you can install spotlight accent lighting. These are small lights that shine upward and can be directed towards a certain area. When someone drives by your home, they will see pops of light in your flower gardens that look beautiful. 

There are also LED well-lights that are much smaller and are placed on the ground generally around the perimeter of the flower garden. You could also place LED well-lights throughout the garden, but this can make the flowers harder to care for during the day. LED well-lights last a long time, so you will not have to worry about replacing the bulbs on a regular basis. 

You could also place the lights outside of the flower garden or place them near structures near the flower garden, such as a seating area, a water fountain, statue, etc. Using accent lighting along with regular landscape lighting can make a dramatic difference in the way things look. 

Hire an electrician to install your landscape accent lighting for you. You could also contact a landscape contractor if you need help choosing the best types of accent lighting for your home. Reach out to a service such as Landscape Lighting Guys to learn more.

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