Steps Involved in Maintaining Your Commercial Landscaping

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Steps Involved in Maintaining Your Commercial Landscaping

In order to keep the property safe and welcoming to customers, it is important for a business to invest in effective landscaping maintenance practices. In particular, there are several proactive steps that you will have to take in order to keep your landscaping in good condition.

Weed Mitigation

The presence of weeds on the landscaping can be a significant issue that will require vigilance in order to mitigate. If the weeds are not mitigated, they can quickly take over large sections of the landscaping. This could impact the health of the surrounding plants in the area as well as harm the overall appearance of the property. There are many options available to minimize the ability of weeds to grow on the property. Covering areas where there are no plants growing with gravel or mulch can be one option for this. However, it is also possible to use herbicides and other chemicals to neutralize any weeds that are able to start growing. Hiring a landscaping maintenance service can be an effective way of meeting these weed control needs.

Irrigating The Lawn

If the lawn does not get enough water, it can quickly die. However, it could potentially take hours of time to complete if it is done manually. Not surprisingly, it is a common upgrade for commercial properties to install automated irrigation systems that will be able to efficiently irrigate the lawn and the other important plants that are growing. While an irrigation system can be an efficient and effective way of watering the landscaping, these systems will need to be regularly serviced to keep them running. Furthermore, they will need to be winterized before the arrival of cold weather as this could cause significant damage to the pipes due to water expansion.  

Addressing Potential Tripping Hazards

Tripping hazards can be another issue that will have to be addressed with the landscaping. Roots protruding out of the ground, depressions or holes in the terrain, and large rocks can all be significant tripping hazards that may lead to serious injuries. Periodically, the landscaping should be surveyed to look for these potential issues so that they can be corrected. In cases of uneven terrain or roots that are protruding from the ground, it may be possible to cover these areas with soil so that the ground can be made more level. If there are large rocks or other obstacles, they may have to be removed to reduce the tripping hazard.

Reach out to a commercial landscape maintenance service to find out more.

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