Want To Plant A New Tree? Best Time To Plant And Tips For Caring For Your New Tree

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Want To Plant A New Tree? Best Time To Plant And Tips For Caring For Your New Tree

If you would like to plant a tree in your yard, you need to make sure you plant it at the right time. This will give it the best chance of growing healthy and strong. Below is information about this, as well as tips on caring for a new tree. 

Plant Trees in the Fall

The best time to plant trees is after the summer heat when the weather starts to cool down. This is also beneficial for you as a lot of the work it takes for gardening should be finished. The reason fall is the best time is the soil is still warm which is good for the roots. The cool air stimulates the roots to grow to help your tree get established well before the soil starts to freeze in the winter. 

This is why during the fall months you will see trees being sold in garden centers. You can find trees that have a root ball or that are planted in containers. Planting the tree is not difficult and is something you can do yourself. 

Caring for Your New Tree

The main thing you must do is water your new tree every few days if you do not get rain. The tree requires deep watering as the water must get to the roots. A good rule is to ensure your tree gets approximately two inches of water each week. If you get a hot spell, you need to water the tree more. You can check the soil between waterings by removing some of it and feeling the soil. If it feels dry you need to water the tree. 

One thing you should not do during the first year is fertilize your new tree. It is working hard to establish and grow the roots and does not need a lot of nutrients. After a year, however, fertilize the tree at least once each season.

You do need to protect the tree in the winter, especially if you get a lot of snow and ice in your area. Place mulch around the tree or wrap the trunk with burlap or other covering on nights when the temperatures are going to get below freezing. After the first winter, you should not have to do this once the tree starts growing larger.

Hire a tree care service to help you plant your new tree if you need help. They can also give you many tips on caring for it properly.

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