Have A Sloped Front Yard? 3 Projects To Make A Low-Upkeep Landscape

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Have A Sloped Front Yard? 3 Projects To Make A Low-Upkeep Landscape

Some landscapes are easy to work on because their design and characteristics allow for many changes without complications. However, while this may reflect part of your landscape, you may have a sloped front yard that can be challenging to change and maintain.

A smart solution is to change your front yard to work well with the slope. Hiring landscapers can give you the knowledge and expertise you need to make positive changes.

Groundcover Plants

When you look around your neighborhood and those nearby, you may notice sloped front yards covered in grass. However, a concern with a typical lawn on a slope is that you might regularly experience problems with mowing the lawn. The slope alone can make it tough to use a lawn mower and get the same kind of results that you would get from mowing a flat lawn.

Covering the slope with groundcover plants is a reliable solution. An excellent place to start is by committing to native plants that you know will grow well in the climate. Then, you can look at the narrowed-down options and start picking features and qualities that your family prefers.

An advantage of groundcover plants is that you do not need to mow them. Most upkeep revolves around trimming the ends when they start growing onto nearby pathways.

Multiple Layers

Creating multiple layers is a great option for a sloped front yard. Instead of dealing with a sloped space, you can add multiple retaining walls to create several layers of flat space. This setup makes it possible to treat the front yard like any other part of your landscape.

Adding multiple retaining walls is an easy and effective way to beautify the space. Retaining walls provide visual appeal, and you can incorporate plant growth. A simple option is to cover a layer with soil and plant various plants throughout the space. You can also transform each layer into a mulch bed, which is an excellent option for minimizing weed growth.

Irrigation System

Depending on what you plan on growing, you may find an irrigation system worth adding. It is not always accessible to water plants on a sloped surface. So, you can invest in irrigation system features and qualities that can provide plant life in a sloped area with the water they need.

Hire landscaping professionals and consider some or all these projects to create a low-upkeep landscape with a sloped front yard.

For more information about landscaping, contact a local landscaping business.

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