4 Projects To Minimize Landscape Upkeep For A Rental Property

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4 Projects To Minimize Landscape Upkeep For A Rental Property

Owning a rental property can provide you with a reliable income source. However, the investment may also come with numerous frustrations over the years. An excellent example is a landscape that is tricky to maintain because you are not the one living on the property.

Fortunately, you can find reliable solutions by hiring landscape professionals and working on several projects that help with overall health and upkeep.

Irrigation System

Adding an irrigation system throughout most of the landscape can enormously impact plant health. Also, you will appreciate knowing that your grass, plants, and trees are appropriately watered and at the correct times for optimal absorption and health.

While a basic irrigation system will help, you can prioritize several extra features to improve the outcome and your experience. For instance, a possible addition is a rain sensor that detects when there has been rainfall so that the system does not end up overwatering your plants.

No-Mow Grass

Removing all the property's grass to reduce upkeep is not something you may be interested in doing. However, you can still succeed in lowering maintenance demands by replacing the existing grass with no-mow grass. A few options include Buffalograss, Mondo grass, and Centipede grass, each thriving in different climates and hardiness zones.

Discussing your desire to replace the grass with landscaping professionals is a smart move. They will provide you with a list of the most suitable replacements for the climate.

Native Plants

While you can keep non-native plants healthy, you may find that they require more time and effort and are more susceptible to health complications. An easy solution is to replace all your non-native plants with native ones that you know are capable of thriving in the climate. Adding a well-balanced mix of these plants will also make the landscape more attractive to tenants.

Mulch Beds

Another way to reduce upkeep is by adding mulch beds throughout the landscape. These beds are the perfect places to grow flowers and shrubs in a protected environment. The mulch coverage will stop weed growth, which could steal water and nutrients from your plants. Going with organic mulch can improve soil quality to help your plants thrive in the beds.

Getting strategic with changes and improvements can make your rental landscape healthier, more visually appealing, and easier to maintain. Consider hiring landscape professionals to handle these projects for a positive experience with improving your rental property. For more information, contact a landscaper near you.

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